June 14, 2024

Southern Heat

The southern brewed sport of stock car racing is dominated, as we know, by Nascar. Perhaps because of this long standing position, Nascar has done a better job than most preserving their segment of the sport; racing collectibles Stock Car Racing print close up dedicated to stock car racing created the hobby as we know it today. No one is perfect though, according to the late great Smokey Yunick, “Nascar’s entire past went to the Daytona dump in 1970”. Regardless, they’ve done a good job, but as with all situations like Nascar’s, they can’t help but show you the version they want you to see. So, when this print was developed, the thought was to show some things that are off the beaten track so to speak.

Lets play “20 questions”. Do you know: What was the original name of the Sprint Cup series, formerly known as the Nextel Cup Series, and prior to that, known for years as the Winston Cup Series? What did Richard Petty do in 1966? What was under the ticket booth at a Georgia track? When were restrictor plates used for the first time? Has Dave Marcus ever won a race? Who was nicknamed “Soapy”? Who competed with Nascar for stock car supremacy? What was the PDA? How dominant was Richard Petty? And what did a bankrupt Bristol Speedway sell for? Interested yet? Try this one; nearly 30 years ago, a young driver overflowing with natural talent burst upon the scene, finishing in the top 10 in his first three Nascar races. Can you name the first Jeff Gordon? There’s so much more, along with all the legends when they were young and in their prime.  See the young Dale Earnhardt, Darrell Waltrip, Ricky Rudd, Rusty Wallace, Bobby Allison and many more. See legends Tiny Lund, Johnny Mantz, Fred Lorenzen, Buck Baker, Ned Jarrett, Junior Johnson and all the rest. This is beyond a must have. Your knowledge of the sport won’t be complete without it, because we’re the only ones who are going to tell you!

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