May 16, 2024

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Vintage Auto Racing Prints

You are about to see some of the greatest monuments to the sport of auto racing that have ever been created, perhaps the ultimate in racing collectibles. Magnificent 36×24 oversized prints, 5 in all, each one depicting the history of a segment of the wonderful sport of auto racing. Stock cars, Indy cars, road racing, sprints, and racing in the state of Florida are depicted as never before. See the beginnings of Nascar, Usac, SCCA, Cart, and many others. The drivers you either grew up watching race or have heard about: AJ Foyt, Richard Petty, David Pearson, Rick Mears, Bobby Allison, Phil Hill, Mario Andretti, and all the others; the hero’s of the sport. Take a minute if you will, and enter a world where racing’s past is so alive you can almost hear the engines and the crowd…Limited Production Posters

Indy Cars…You’re going to take a trip in time…..when  the STP turbine, Lotus Fords  and Smokey Yunick’s sidecar shocked the field at Indy…

◾Open Wheel – (Sprints, Midgets and Supermodifieds)…What was your own special track. Could have been anywhere, north, south, east, west…Competing there were bright, shiny, handcrafted, open wheel creations…

◾Florida Short Tracks….This state  has a truly great racing heritage, and this print goes back to the birth of post war short track racing in the sunshine state…

◾Road Racing….The Ring, Spa, Targa Florio, The “classic” magnificent racetracks just might have been the ultimate test of skill and courage…

◾Stock Car Racing….Lets play “20 questions”. Do you know: What was the original name of the Sprint Cup series, formerly known as the Nextel Cup Series, and prior to that, known for years as the Winston Cup Series? What was  Richard Petty doing in 1966? What was under the ticket booth at a Georgia track; when restrictor plates were used for the first time?…

Stock Car Racing

Stock Car Racing Poster
“Southern Heat”


Indy Car Racing

Indy Cars

Open Wheel Racing Poster

Open Wheel Racing Poster
“Tough Guys”

Road Racing History

Road Racing Poster
“When Racetracks Were Racetracks”

Florida Short Track Racing

Florida Short Track Racing
Orange Blossom