May 17, 2024


In ancient Rome, Gladiators had to be proficient with all weapons Indy Car printand roads.  Strap on a fire breathing dirt car and hold on to your horses!  Perhaps you’ve just heard about “the old days,” It doesn’t matter now.  You’re going to take a trip in time…when turbines shocked the field at Indy, and the Springfield mile was on the schedule. You’ll see sidecars, coyotes, wildcats, eagles and Offys; J.C. Agajanian with his cowboy hat and Grant King with his welding Helmet.

All the drivers, as you remember them…AJ Foyt, Mario Andretti, Rick Mears, Bobby Unser, Al Unser, Joe Leonard, Roger McClusky, Gordon Johncock, and the others.  And yes, Art Pollard, Swede Savage and Jim Malloy smile at us. Porsche engines in midgets, rear engined Indy cars going wheel to wheel with front engine Offy roadsters. You’ll see the SCCA series that, for a brief moment, almost united European Formula 1 and American Professional Road Racing. You’ll reunite with forgotten racetracks, names, and symbols. This is true racing collectable for the Indy car fan.  If you’re a fan of Indy cars, both today and yesteryear, you’ve got to have this one!

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