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  • William Burlingham says:

    Art – I am trying to locate some feature race results from a race at Master’s
    Field, Miami. This was an SCCA event that happened in 1966. There
    were no placement results issued at the end of the race. I recall that the
    final race ( could have been either Saturday or Sunday ) was held in a downpour.
    I was driving a Porsche 911 and I finished 2nd overall. All the name drivers and cars had problems because they were using slicks. The event may have been sponsored by the Miami Beach JC’s, but I’m not sure . I think this event happened in the first 6 months of the year. Any information that you may have
    on this would be greatly appreciated. Many thank in advance.

    Bill Burlingham

  • Don Pearson says:

    Thanks for the memories. I spent most Friday nights at Palmetto Speedway while in my early years. Loved Rod Perry and the Austin Ford “Black Bandit”.#71. With the wing. Didn’t see a picture of it in your memory lane except the unfortunate wreck. I wa there that night. Is there a quality picture of that car anywhere?
    Your correct. Roddy was unbeatable at Palmetto. Named my son after him.

  • You wrote:Speaking of the 60’s …. In 1967 we went to the Daytona 500. Got there early Friday morning, there was qualifying going on. Parked in the parking lot. I went with a friend of mine down to the first turn area, and jumped the fence. My buddy hung back, “we’re going to be thrown out”, he said… Curtis Turner thundered around turn 2 and headed down the backstretch on the first ever 180 mph qualifying lap that put Smoky Yunick’s Chevelle on the pole for the 1967 Daytona 500. “Hey kid, are you fucking crazy, get down from there right now,” yelled a security guy in a golf cart that had obviously been dispatched to the scene of the intrusion. “I tried to tell you”, my prudent friend yelled. No I did not get thrown out, just escorted to the gate, that’s all another story. I did sneak into the Daytona pits on several occasions, again that’s for another time.

    I think I’m the “chicken shit” buddy. Enjoyed the column reads. Hope all is well.

  • Jerry says:

    Art Thank you for all the great info and pics. What I dont see is,Pat Patterson from ’61-63 who ran the first 409 “Dixie Rebel” in Fl from Indian River Chevy,Cocoa. He held the SS modified title for 3 yrs on the drag circuit. I have a few early pics if your interested. He also went on to run a GTO “Golden Goat” from Tom Hamilton Pontiac,Cocoa with much success.

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