June 14, 2024


Well after several false starts and numerous other delays we finally have the ‘new look’ of Memory Lane Racing up and running. And of course there is the classic ‘something old, something new’ To help explain where things are at here and where they are going to go, we figured that the easiest way do that was  through the tried and true “FAQ” system. So without further ado…


Q-“So what is this site Memory Lane Racing all about anyway?”

A-“It’s a blend of old and new racing information as well as opinions on both”

Q-“What types of racing are you going to cover and write about here?”

A-“Unlike many sites we love all forms of motorsports. My wife and I along with friends attend local short tracks on a regular basis. We try to get to select out of town races whenever we can”

Q-“Didn’t you guys used to have a line of racing prints?”

A-“Yes we did, they are pretty much sold out now. After that happened we thought that it would be a good time to give the site a make-over. Like just about anything that has to do with computers it took a lot longer than it was supposed to take.”

Q-“So you’re not selling anything here now, right?”

A-“Not exactly. Check out the “yard sale” page. Over the years we have put together a very large personal collection of militaria, along with all sorts of other things. It’s time to thin the herd a bit. We have PayPal and a very reputable EBay account. Most everything that is for sale here we can put up on EBay if someone will want the additional security of using EBay.

Q” What’s with the NASCAR critique?”

A-“NASCAR is the true 800 lb gorilla of the racing world. They certainly have done a lot right, but the thing is, what they have not done right, you will never hear about because it’s been buried and in most cases those who know the truth depend on that abovementioned 800 lb Gorilla for the food on their tables. That’s where we are going to come in. Our goal is to make sure that all the facts about what NASCAR has and is doing is out there for all to see and think about.”

Q- ” What about other racing?”

A- ” I personally love all forms of open wheel short track racing, especially the Sprints. There will be assorted posts and commentary on current events and other aspects of the sport on a steady basis.”

Q-“How often are you going to update things?”

A-“That remains to be seen, a couple of times a week for sure”