June 15, 2024

When Racetracks Were Racetracks

The Ring, Spa, Targa Florio, The “classic” magnificent racetracks just might have been the ultimate test of skill and courage. And what did drivers face these foreboding, rain slicked, narrow, tree-lined challenges in? Fragile creations made out of tubing about as big around as your thumb, or aluminum not much thicker than a sheet of paper. This print will take you back to a beautiful time that has long since past, and with good reason. The scream of Matra prototypes and the thunder of Bruce Mclaren’s big block Can Am rocket ships will echo through your head. You’ll become reacquainted with the Hills… both Phil and Graham. And with the quiet intense Scotsman Jimmy Clark and his brilliant designer, Colin Chapman. The craggy face of Enzo Ferrari peers across time, along with that of the little French Canadian Gilles Villeneuve, whom he was so fond of. You’ll see the blue #6 Sunoco Camaro with who many called the first “modern” Racecar driver Mark Donahue behind the wheel, The long gone Lemans start, and so much more…A racing collectable for the ages…And perhaps gain new insight on the old phrase “all glory is fleeting…”

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